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Online service SAAQclic.


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We pay more !

We buy cars and trucks for road, parts or scrap. Accidented or not. We pay more for 2008 and more!



Welcome to Scrap Yard Montréal, your link between you and the scrap yard!

You have a vehicle you want to get rid , but you can not go bring it to the scrap yard ? Remorquage Cobra Express takes car or everything!  We pay the best price for your car, pay by cash or check, we’ll pick it up at your door and give you a receipt for the SAAQ.

Did you know that after the sale of the car in a junkyard, you are responsible for it during the next 5 years!
WARNING! Do not let your old vehicle to anyone. Every trader must have a dealer’s license or recycler to their name, like us! You have the right to request proof of their license. You should receive the same time a receipt from the SAAQ.
Stay confident and sleep soundly!


Scrap yard Montreal

Cour à Scrap MontréalWe do not just make buying your old car, we help the planet breathe easier. Your old worn vehicle pollutes benefit older. Toxic gas emissions are much more important. Send your old car to the scrap yard not only helps to keep our planet healthy, but also helps to recycle your old auto parts. When you get rid of your car good for scrap, we perform this process:

  • We flush all oils
  • Take out tires
  • Still keep the good parts for other vehicles
  • Finally we crush for recycling metal.

A vehicle loses value all the money you invest on your car repairs is lost. It is now time to take LA logical decision you get rid of your old self. We will give you the maximum and go seek it at your door the same day. No more hassles and good riddance!

Additionnal services:


You are in trouble? You had a collision? Call us and we will pick you!

– Scrap Yard Montreal


Your car has decided not to go? Forgot your lights turned on? Call us and we will start your vehicle!

– Scrap Yard Montreal

Doors unlocking

Forgot your keys in the car and the doors are barred? Do not go breaking the window! Call a tow truck costing 3 to 4 times cheaper than a window. And excluding time to pick her up in a scrap yard in Montreal or the surrounding area and make install. Call us and we will unlock your doors!

Scrap Yard Montréal

Used or brand new batteries sales

Contact us for new and used batteries or tires at the best price!

Scrap Yard Montréal


Towing scrap yard


We desserve Montréal, Laval, Rive-Nord, Lanaudière, Repentigny, Terrebonne, Mascouche, St-Jérôme, Blainville and the surroundings.





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