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Car purchase

We buy cars and trucks no matter the condition! We pay more for the 2003 and that are good for the road.

2002 and less good for parts, we give a price over the phone will be the same on-site warranty. We serve Montreal, Laval, South Shore, North Shore and surrounding areas. We pay usually $ 200.00 and up to $ 5,000.00. We pay by cash or check. We pay more for the Ford Mustang, Honda, the Volkswagen,  Toyota , Nissan, SUV and truck.

Car Purchase

Received for the SAAQ (TRANSACTION STATEMENT) (trailer included) fast 7 of 7

Towing service available (local and and long distance)

  • Car Purchase
  • Purchase of trucks
  • Purchase for parts and / or scrap

(514) 502-3953


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