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Montreal Towing services

Remorquage Cobra Express

At Remorquage Cobra Express, we do not make buying cars for scrap. We offer complete towing service.

Here are some services we offer:

remorquage Cobra Express

  • Towing
  • Car buying for scrap
  • Boosting
  • Troubleshooting
  • Unlocking doors
  • Tires and battery sales
  • Used cars for sale



We offer local towing service and long distance. Whether to move your vehicle to a mechanic in an accident or just for transportation, contact us for a professional and courteous service.

Car buying for scrap

We buy cars for scrap to the road or for parts. In short, whatever the condition of the vehicle. We pay cash and then go get your vehicle the same day. We make sure to pay the lowest price received for the towing and SAAQ included. We will arrange to recover the maximum recoverable on your vehicle.




We offer the boost service if your car will not start.


Forgot your keys in your car? Call us and we will unlock your doors without any damage.


Sale of parts and facility available

Contact us for new and used batteries or tires at the best price or any other need auto parts!